A message from Purley Oaks Primary School

It's always lovely to hear feedback from the schools we serve, especially when it's comments from the children. We wanted to share this lovely message from the team at Purley Oaks Primary School who wanted to recognise the work from our chefs after a recent summer event.
Barbeque poster

It's been a busy few weeks for our catering team at this school. This week they catered for over 500 people at this event and last week they catered for two Primary sports day BBQ’s which parents could attend. These were attended by over 800 guests.

It was fantastic to receive this message...

"Dear Pam and Karen,

I just wanted to say thank you for a fantastic barbecue yesterday.  The organisation was excellent and the children had an amazing time.  They would like to do it every week!  Some of the quotes from the children include ‘more than good’, ‘brilliant’, ‘can we have it again’, ‘liked the burgers’, ‘like the puddings’.  The staff enjoyed it too and we had lots of positive comments from them.

Thank you for all your had work, particularly Cheryl who I know came in on Sunday to prepare.  It will definitely be a date in our diary for next year."