Edible garden is a huge success at Rockmount

The School Garden Grants scheme is an initiative from Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, and the Whole Kids Foundation to enable schools in Lambeth and Croydon to grow their own food.

One school to benefit is Rockmount Primary, where every single child and teacher has planted something in the edible garden. Pabulum has been involved from the outset, helping with sponsorship of the garden and also making use of the produce grown. Speaking about the initiative Operations Manager Tony Wicking commented:

“It’s been fantastic being involved in the edible garden project at Rockmount School, it’s great seeing how much the children all absolutely love the garden. The fact that all staff and students are involved means it’s really inclusive and enjoyable for everyone too. “

The edible garden has a huge variety of different plants growing including salad leaves, kale, spouts and broad beans, some of which are being used in Pabulum meals. Tony Wicking continued:

“We are delighted to have been able to use the produce grown in the meals served at Rockmount. Chef Manager, Lucy O’Brien has been using the various different lettuce and salad leaf varieties at the school’s salad bar. It’s great to see children enjoying eating fresh food and learning about it too - I’m hopeful that it will help inspire a lifelong passion for some of them. Many of the year six children have expressed how they’re going to miss the garden when they have to leave for secondary school, which just goes to show what an impact it’s had.”