Winterbourne School

Winterbourne is made up of three schools on one site, Nursery, Infants and Junior Girls and Boys – lots of hungry little ones all sharing one dedicated dining room.
Grated carrots on dough


Over 1,000 children

Cooking time:

Length of contract 3 years +2 option years

The key ingredients:

We placed huge emphasis on engaging with all the stakeholders of the school which included talks at parents’ evenings, assemblies and taster sessions in the playground. This hands-on approach helped shape and perfect our menus which reflected the best of nutritious, British produce.


By keeping to our core values of fresh seasonal food that is both healthy and nutritious, we managed to improve the uptake of school meals by 5% within our first three months. We achieved 13% growth in annual revenue and we guarantee a return to the school. 

If you’d like to find out how Pabulum school meals can be served in your school please get in touch via our contact us page.