Gender Pay Gap 2017

Pabulum Gender Pay Gap Report as of 5thApril 2017

Most of our employees are female who work flexible hours, term time only and who also tend to provide essential family and childcare support.

Within the last 6 months, the gender pay gap in the upper quartile will have closed due to our recruitment of females into senior Leadership Team and Board of Directors positions.

We confirm that the following data in this report is accurate:

Gender Pay Gap  
Mean 43.8%
Median 46.7%


Pay Quartiles Male Female Male Female
Upper 89 82 52% 48%
Upper Middle 19 153 11% 89%
Lower Middle 9 163 5% 95%
Lower 10 162 6% 94%


Bonus Gender Pay Gap  
Mean 64.3%
Median 87.3%


Proportion of males and females receiving a bonus Male Female
8.1% 3.1%


Total Employees Male Female
687 127 560


Nelson Williams, Managing Director