Pabulum’s new primary school menus

Our primary school children are in for a treat!

At the end of October 2018, we are introducing a new range of primary school menus that further strengthen our focus on promoting the health and well-being of children, with the introduction of plant-based ingredients such as grains, seeds and pulses.

These new menus have been shared with our schools by our Chef Development Team, specifically to the Senior Leadership Teams, the children and our own staff.  This ensures that everyone has the opportunity to review the menus and maximise the uptake of Pabulum’s school meals.

Dishes to look out for that contain a high proportion of grains, seeds and pulses in our new menus include:

  • Sweet & Spiced Potato & Chickpea Keralan Curry with Lemon Infused Rice
  • Mediterranean Orzo Pasta & Barley Salad

Pabulum make two fresh breads every day.  We always make a wholemeal bread and our new flavoured breads are:

  • Pumpkin & Carrot
  • Cheesy Oat, Courgette & Thyme
  • Sunflower, Rosemary & Tomato

We are making it even clearer to the parents and children as to what is available every day by including on the menu the choice of 3 main courses with vegetables, 2 home baked breads, 8 salads, and our 3 desserts, along with our fresh fruit platter.

These new menus have been written in conjunction with Kate Taylor, whom we recently appointed as our new nutritionist. Kate is registered with the Association for Nutrition (AfN) and she has spent lots of time in the kitchen with our teams developing these new recipes.

The benefits of eating plant-based ingredients, which are often full of colour, can positively contribute to our fibre intake, helping us to feel full, as well as enhancing our gut bacteria and sub-consciously keeping our brains focused on the task at hand. They ignite the enzymes in the gut which in turn release endorphins to the brain.

Our fundamental belief is we offer food that is made fresh every day by professional chefs, who offer a real choice, that ensures children will have a substantial meal, which is underpinned by our own unique Pabulum Dining Experience.

As always, our focus is to encourage as many children as possible to have a Pabulum school lunch.

Jack Jepson-Sykes

Executive Development Chef

Our Vision

To be at the forefront of improving the next generation’s health and well-being, by shaping the food culture in Education that inspires a passion and love of fresh food – without compromise.