Nelson’s Blog

As we are approaching the end of the summer term, we have taken a moment to reflect.

It is quite extraordinary to believe what we have all been through. Whilst we have all had our personal challenges, first and foremost we have tried to do our very best for our schools, their respective children and staff.

It has always been our mission during the pandemic to serve hot food and ensure every child gets a healthy nutritious meal.

We recognise we have an important role to play within the hospitality sector. We engage with children and students for 39 weeks of the year and play an important part in shaping their lives and getting them passionate about food, what they eat, why they should eat healthy nutritious food, the provenance of their food and understanding the importance of local suppliers.

At Pabulum we are proud of what we do. When you go to a restaurant you expect good food and customer service. That is why our focus is not only on the food, but ensuring a great customer experience, and when you put the two together, it feels very much like you are in a restaurant, that happens to be in your school.

I would like to wish all our great Pabulum people, our customers, and clients a very restful and peaceful summer holiday.

Thank you to everyone.

Nelson Williams