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Nelson says BIG thank you to Pabulum staff who continue to come to work


I am writing to you on behalf of Pabulum to pass on my sincere thanks for continuing to come to work and provide a very important service to all the vulnerable and key worker children and supporting the staff that are coming into your school.

It is with huge admiration and pride that I reach out to you to say a BIG thank you.

My sister Gabrielle is a nurse, we are very close, and I am very proud of her. Gabrielle worries about me, my wife Fiona and my two children, Holly and Ben. In turn I want to know how Gabrielle is – saying I worry about her and the huge part she contributes in these difficult and unprecedented times.

And I say the same to you, how are you? My admiration for you is like what I feel for my sister: it is your absolute desire to do your very best for those children and students most vulnerable in our society and supporting the staff whom have put themselves on the front line.

Thank you.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch, either through my email address or if you want to call me on my mobile.

Share with me your own personal stories, I want to hear.

With my very best wishes,