Healthy food for children

Pabulum is a professional catering company for the education sector, providing healthy food for children at schools and colleges. Based in Fleet, Hampshire, we provide a range of core and complementary services to clients within a 125-mile radius of our offices, and we’ve over 25 years of experience and service development.

We aim to show students how great mealtimes can be, and introduce them to healthy eating and balanced nutrition.

healthy food for children

We are committed to providing healthy food for children. At the same time, we aim to show young people how great mealtimes can be, and introduce them to healthy eating and balanced nutrition. We see it as our responsibility to inform food choices and support their personal development, from early years to completing college, and beyond.

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From primary to secondary schools, to colleges and sixth forms, Pabulum’s menus far exceed the Government’s food guidelines for education.

We are also committed supporters of the School Food Plan, which you can find out more about here.

Why choose

There are many great reasons to partner with Pabulum for your educational catering needs, and we’ll gladly discuss them with you. For now, here’s our top five:

Freshness – taste sensations prepared on site using natural ingredients, every day.

Professionalism – top-quality chefs who share a passion for their roles as ‘ambassadors of food’ and see themselves as an extension of the school’s leadership team.

Inspiration – with an innovative dining room experience, we aim to help children and students feel confident and comfortable with the food journey we take them on.

Connection – we are open and communicative with primary-school children, students and education staff, and with parents and all other stakeholders.

Dedication – everyone at Pabulum is committed to, and has a passion for, the positive difference we can make to young people’s lives.

Improving our healthy food for children, every day

Of course, Pabulum is all about setting and maintaining the highest standards for the food we provide, the experiences we create for primary school children and students, the value we offer, and the overall service we delight our education clients with.

This means setting clear objectives – such as how to encourage more young people to enjoy school meals. We develop this through focus groups with children, parents and staff, and this informs our Continuous Improvement Programme – which in turn determines our key objectives and performance indicators, and ensures we provide healthy food for children every day. For our growing portfolio of clients, this provides reassurance Pabulum is innovating continuously in the pursuit of excellence, with our primary aim to get as many children, students and staff as possible eating a Pabulum school meal each day.

Our Vision is to be a force for change in school catering…

We recognise that children and young people are concerned about the future and the impact that climate change will have on their lives for generations to come. It is our responsibility to promote the right behaviours and do everything that we can to make the right choices to help protect our planet. Download our Environmental, Social and Governance Strategy to find out more.


Our food

Our highly trained chefs use fresh ingredients and seasonal produce from local suppliers, to create healthy food for children to savour and look forward to. We believe in creating menus that combine nutritional balance with great tastes and textures – and the rhythm in our menu cycles that attracts and retains young people’s interest in and enjoyment of food.

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Meet the team

Ensuring we provide healthy food for children, the entire Pabulum team of food professionals shares a passion for food, health and nutrition. We are hugely supportive of each other, and of our collective desire to create great-tasting and freshly prepared dishes for young people.

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healthy food for children

Our suppliers

To protect our exacting standards and insistence on quality, we source as many of our fresh ingredients and produce as we can from local British suppliers. We are proud to work with them, and we know them all personally – they share our dedication to excellent food provenance and providing healthy food for children.

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Associations and

Pabulum’s primary focus is on freshness, and our wide-ranging associations and accreditations reflect this: