A great student hub for food and drink

Pabulum’s hugely popular i Love Coffee quickly becomes a lively social focal point for staff and students. It’s almost never quiet, as it’s a thriving student hub for study and discussion, sharing jokes and catching up with friends, hearing each other’s experiences and arranging social engagements.

“i love Coffee offers our sixth form students and staff a variety of delicious hot and cold snacks served with a selection of drinks. i Love Coffee has been a highly successful partnership between our school and Pabulum”.

A student hub that staff will love, too

It’s also a popular place to grab some delicious and nutritious food, so i Love Coffee is always alive with hungry students and staff seeking a tasty top up. The look and feel of the area is really vibrant, too, with modern décor and fixtures that mirror the popular barista and café vibes of the high street.

student hub

Open all day for fresh and convenient food and drink

i Love Coffee provides food all day, as everyone’s on busy overlapping schedules. Pabulum’s amazing i Love Coffee food range includes blueberry and crumble muffins, freshly shredded pulled pork baps with spicy slaw, and chicken tikka with minted yogurt in a flatbread with salad, plus freshly made cakes and scones – fresh from the oven – and an extensive range of barista coffees and syrups.

With growing competition to attract and retain Further Education students, i Love Coffee is a great way for schools and colleges to show they understand the need for a versatile and vibrant student hub with an open and communal feel. It’s also the ideal place to reflect high-street trends while ensuring quality food and drink is available at great prices.

For colleges that make facilities such as sports halls and event spaces available to the public, i Love Coffee can be a great asset. As well as being a popular staff and student hub, it’s the perfect set-up for offering freshly prepared and affordable food and drinks to the wider school community, and can have a really positive social impact.