Healthy student meals for secondary schools

Pabulum’s food court features a wide range of freshly made and healthy student meals at outstanding value. Inspired by high-street trends, it inspires, excites and nourishes secondary school students.

“I had a school meal for the first time this week and it was so delicious my mind exploded!”. I will definitely be having them every day”.

healthy student meals

The best start to
the day

Pabulum looks to ensure all students get every school day off to a flying start, so we offer tasty and nutritious breakfasts at the food court. Students can choose from a mouth-watering range of breakfast favourites to kick off another great school day with a healthy student meal – including fresh fruit salads, free porridge with a choice of delicious toppings, and freshly made waffles and pancakes.

healthy student meals


fuel stop

To keep growing minds and bodies going strong till lunch, we serve freshly made sandwiches, pasta pots and other hot and cold grab and go favourites at morning break. How about mediterranean chicken shawarma with spicy slaw and mayonnaise, or sweetcorn, pepper and onion pizza – or spicy beef and pepperoni pasta – all healthy student meals bursting with flavour and brimming with goodness to keep developing minds and bodies topped up with fuel.

Healthy student meals for wide-ranging needs

Inspired by high-street dining options, our secondary school food courts give students fantastic choice of healthy student meals at outstanding value. Our food courts typically have a number of food stores:

Hot mains offers hot dishes such as hoisin chicken with spaghetti noodles or vegetarian options like falafel wraps with minted yogurt, plus fresh pasta with a choice of nutrient-rich and flavoursome sauces, or a jacket potato with tasty fillings like mexican chilli con carne with fresh mint or strong favourites like tuna mayonnaise – plus a range of desserts including rhubarb and pear crumble with custard, or cherry flapjacks. Hot sandwiches offers exactly that – hot, tasty sandwiches with a range of fillings and sauces, in granary and wholemeal breads and wraps. For example, we offer a daily chicken sandwich, such as piri-piri chicken shawarma with spicy slaw and mayonnaise, or plain chicken with roasted vegetables.

Grab and Go
– hot or cold

The Pabulum food court is also designed for convenience, so as well as hot mains and hot sandwich sections, there are also grab and go tastes from around the world, available hot or cold to encourage young people to choose healthy student meals.

Typically, we offer three hot options on any given day, with favourites including BBQ pulled pork, chicken wings, and a choice of curry and rice dishes. Then there are plenty of prepared sandwiches, featuring speciality breads and fillings, plus noodle pots, fresh salads that include kachumber salad, tomato, basil and mozzarella pasta, or layered tuna mayonnaise, plus yoghurts and mousses made freshly on site each day, and hot and cold drinks.

Hot grab and go options include meatball marinara with pasta, or chinese buffalo wings with potato wedges. For mouth-watering cold grab and go, there are smoked salmon and cream cheese bagels or sweet chilli chicken wraps, among many other options and combinations to suit adventurous and ever-changing young palates.

Supporting informed dietary decisions with healthy student meals

Secondary students grow fast into young adults, so we see it as our duty to inform them about food and nutrition, and allow them to make informed decisions about what they eat. We encourage them to explore new flavours and textures, too, while ensuring what we serve is nutritious and tasty – and helps them concentrate and succeed.