Food Cube, delicious student food

The Food Cube replicates the look and feel of high-street pop-ups, and is a big hit with students. It gives students an equally healthy and nutritious alternative to our Food Court.

“Our Food Cube is an external outlet very popular with students delivering a full range of chilled Grab & Go products, our great range of healthy hand held hot snacks and school compliant cold beverages”.

Pabulum’s student food: tasty, convenient, and healthy

Food Cube is far more than your average ‘snack shack’. It’s a modern, robust catering outlet that gives discerning students access to a great range of hand-held hot and cold snacks, and drinks. As well as providing popular, convenient and freshly prepared student food options, Food Cube also helps minimise queuing for busy students on the move.

student food

No compromise on quality

All the student food we serve at our Food Cube is prepared in our Food Court kitchen, so it’s as fresh and nutritious as you’d expect from Pabulum. We don’t buy in any ‘branded’ food, as we believe our student food offer is nutritionally superior and tastes amazing. Food Cube features our most popular Grab and Go items, including sandwiches with a variety of breads and fillings, pasta and ‘grazing’ pots, curries, BBQ pulled pork… and Australian shepherds pie!

Food Cube is also ideal for colleges that open facilities such as sports halls to the public. It’s a great way to engage and support the wider community, with fresh and tasty student food and drinks.