Healthy school lunches for secondary students

We provide fantastic choice and value, and healthy school lunches for secondary school students, with a wide range of tastes, textures and flavours in a dynamic Food Court environment.

healthy school lunches

Pabulum aims to stay in tune with the latest high-street food trends, providing healthy school lunches without compromising on nutritional quality and freshness. We don’t use processed ingredients, and avoid frozen foods wherever possible.

We place great emphasis on – and a firm commitment to – providing students with a nutritionally balanced main course and dessert.

Second-to-none secondary dining with healthy school lunches

Pabulum looks to support secondary school students as they grow, by helping them to explore new tastes, flavours and sensations whilst appreciating the importance of healthy school lunches. As part of this, we offer great variety and value in a modern Food Court environment.

Menus for fast-growing minds and bodies

Our secondary menus for healthy school lunches are inspired by the high street, and designed to meet the evolving expectations of students aged 11-16 with variety, value, and wide-ranging tastes and experiences. Our three-week rotating menus change twice a year to reflect seasonal ingredients and keep things exciting. Wherever required, we can tailor menus to meet dietary requirements such as gluten-free, vegetarian and halal.

Of course, secondary students can bring their own lunch, which encourages Pabulum to match their preferences with delicious, healthy school lunches made with fresh ingredients – all at outstanding value.

Our secondary dining experience

Inspired by the high street, Pabulum’s Food Court is bursting with flavours, textures and colours. It features grown-up graphics and far-reaching food choices at outstanding value – served in modern and convenient ways.

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Food Cube

Operating all year round, Pabulum’s mobile Food Cube provides an alternative hot and cold grab and go food service beyond the food court. Based at our busier sites, Food Cube serves healthy school lunches of the same high standards, with added convenience for students and staff.

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i love coffee

Open all day, i Love Coffee provides a hugely popular social hub for sixth form students and staff. It’s a lively and thriving focal point for socialising, studying, and the place to mingle, study, chat, laugh and relax.

Meanwhile, i Love Coffee serves a wide range of Pabulum’s tasty hot and cold grab and go foods, barista-style hot drinks, home-baked cakes, fresh pastries and snacks such as popcorn, in a high-street-inspired environment.

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Homewood School & Sixth Form

Case Study

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After our first 18 months of trading at Homewood School & Sixth Form Centre in Kent we had grown the sales by 40% and on our third year anniversary by 50%.

We established three specific areas for catering, the main dining room for years 7 -11, a Food Cube that was located at the opposite end of the school to the dining room, and an i Love Coffee, our own coffee shop and café brand with a bespoke proposition for sixth formers and staff.

A large investment was made in all three areas and this creates a considerable monetary return to the School each year.

The basis of the model is that Pabulum take all the financial risk, charge only a small management fee, but look to generate a return to both the School and ourselves.

Before the contract starts and thereafter every year, we do a series of focus groups to ensure we stay in-tune with the students and our offer is always aligned to their own requirements to ensure we maximise uptake and get as many students as possible having a Pabulum School Meal.

Nothing ever gets compromised, it will always be fresh food, prepared fresh each and every day, by a professional catering team led by an Executive Head Chef whom we very much see as an extension of the School’s Leadership Team.