Pabulum food is fresh food

Pabulum believes strongly in fresh food and that means using unprocessed, seasonal British produce that’s sourced locally, from ‘farm to fork’. We also avoid gimmicks in our dishes, but nevertheless ensure what we offer is ‘on-trend’ and will be loved by children and students.

94% of our dishes are prepared from unprocessed fresh ingredients

In other words, our food is simple, but it looks and smells highly appealing, and is bursting with flavours. All of our fresh food is prepared with expertise and professionalism, and we make sure we do our fresh ingredients and great local produce the justice they deserve.

fresh food

Inspiring healthier eating with fresh food

The meals Pabulum serves are prepared on site using fresh ingredients and local produce. Wherever possible, we don’t use processed or frozen foods, and do not buy in any type of ‘branded’ food.

All our menus are shaped by feedback from children, students and school staff, and we employ our own specialists to cater for any special nutritional and dietary requirements, led by our Executive Development Chef and Nutritionist.

Salt and sugar

Salt and sugar are staple flavours in our diets, but to keep our food healthy as well as tasty, we monitor the levels we use in our dishes closely. We’re providing for children and students at important stages of development, and we take sugar and salt levels very seriously.

For sugar, we’ve set out a strict reduction programme in line with Government expectations over the next five years. Right now, we’re implementing a 50% reduction of white granular sugar intake, so it gives each child or student no more than about 5% of a sensible average daily calorie intake.

An education in fresh food and healthy eating

Professional food preparation with youngsters’ health in mind is central to what we do at Pabulum, and to our success.

By shaping the food culture in education, we can inspire a passion for fresh food among young people, encourage them to try new tastes, and get them asking questions about food. With Pabulum, they can enjoy an enriched food experience, learning about the importance of fresh ingredients and balanced diets along the way.

We’re all
learning, too

Pabulum places strong emphasis on the art of food production, and being innovative in our approaches to creating tasty and inspiring dishes. We have our very own cookery school that ensures we keep on searching for new ideas and recipes, and hone our skills to provide great-tasting fresh food.

The Pabulum team of chefs meets twice a year at the Pabulum Cookery School to share ideas, encourage innovation, and create the exciting fresh food menus that children, students and staff will enjoy.