Nelson’s Blog

There has been plenty of activity in Pabulum during these recent months and I wish to update you all on what we have been doing with our people, clients, and suppliers.

I believe it is important to be in strong collaboration with our people, clients, and suppliers to gain an intimate knowledge and understand their challenges, constraints, and opportunities. It’s during these difficult times by being in partnership and communicating regularly that we grow ourselves out of this problem together and everyone becomes stronger as we work through this.

Our Pabulum People

I am in regular contact with all our people and use a number of different forums to do so, my blog, a monthly email to their homes, catch-ups on Zoom and we offer a helpline number and address so they too can get in contact with us.

Most recently I spoke to all our Primary and Secondary Chef Managers on Zoom and these were set up as small groups of 15. It enabled them to ask me questions, we could talk about how we were and I was able to share my current thinking on what I believe will happen in September and for them to give me constructive feedback.

We also provided some training on the new menu and return to work procedures for all our Chef Managers who are back at work. It is quite extraordinary how quickly things have changed, we are now able to reach out to all our staff through a virtual platform and that very much has now formed the basis of how we will work in the future.

It is important we do stay in touch with each other and it has been very comforting to me to receive so many calls or emails from Pabulum people asking how I am and how they can help.

Our Pabulum Clients

Equally it is important we stay in close contact with our clients to seek their support during these very difficult times, understand their pressures and anxieties and work collectively to find solutions that work for the benefit of everyone.

It has been very reassuring to see so many of our clients supporting us in such a positive way and I am very grateful. I believe there is a lot of hard work ahead of us in finding the right solutions in terms of a service proposition from September when we know everything will never be the same as it was before. We see this as an excellent opportunity to demonstrate why we believe Pabulum is very much at the forefront of Education Catering and we will continue to deliver dynamic, innovative food solutions that underpin our large uptake of school meals.

Our Pabulum Suppliers

We are very proud of the partnerships we have with all our suppliers and this has been underpinned by the fact we continue to pay all our suppliers in full and on time. They play such an integral part in our success and we truly see them today as our partners in the future.

We are in strong collaboration with them right now in supporting us in our food development and ensuring we support them in their long-term sustainability.

We are all in this together, and its vitally important that we keep in collaboration with each other and strengthen those partnerships for the long-term future of everyone.

Stand tall and stand proud.