Welcome to Pabulum and our new website

Welcome to our new website.

What has changed?
The website reflects exactly the company we are today, it captures our Vision and Values more acutely, as does our tone of voice.

We will be introducing over the course of the next few months the social media platforms in which we will communicate to all our stakeholders and we are introducing, for the very first time, our own staff portal page that will ensure we encapsulate our Values with our wonderful staff, who work for Pabulum.

What else has changed as we move into 2018?
We completed an MBO of The Quarr Group. Brian Warren, MD of Nviro our cleaning company, and Simon Ingram, MD of Mountjoy our building and maintenance company and I, along with our Executive Teams, have set up a new company called The Quarr Group Holdings. It’s very much business as usual with the aspiration to build on the core values we have already in our businesses, ensuring we continue to deliver excellent value to all our stakeholders and being recognised as an innovative group of companies. We will be looking at what benefits we bring to our clients if they choose to use more than one of our services.

Pabulum have moved into new offices, Linea House in Fleet, and these also reflect our Vision and Values of who we are today. After all, we are in the hospitality business and we are very proud of that, we look forward to extending that hospitality to all our clients, consultants and suppliers when they visit us.

We have made a couple of changes to our Leadership Team, Lynne Cummins has come onboard as Head of People and Sue Frayn has joined us as Business Director. We are always looking to continually invest in our people and infrastructure to ensure we consistently deliver the very best for all our children, students and clients, whom we are very proud to serve.

Finally, I will be doing a blog once a month where I intend to update you on what is happening in Pabulum and the benefits we continually look to bring to all our customers and staff.

As always, we stand tall and we stand proud.

“I had the pleasure of going to lunch at Worle Community School today. The best Roast Beef I have tasted in a school – well done. Chef was very polite and I was delighted with the service. I thanked him personally. I understand Priory Community School Chinese Day yesterday was super as well. Well done!”

Neville Coles – Executive Principal
The Priory Learning Trust