GCSE Food for Thought at Christ’s College

Our catering team at Christ’s College has been helping students who are completing GCSE Food this year. The chefs created an interactive session where they talked about food guidelines and took part in a Question and Answer session.

Well done to the pupils who came up with some fantastic questions. Students also learnt more about food costs and portion control to help with their recipe planning.

The impact of the time spent with GCSE food students was evident when Pabulum Head Office received an email from Kieron Walter who attends the school and had previously been part of one of these sessions. He told us “I am a student from Christ's College and am writing to share mine and many others opinions about the canteen staff - they are great! For me personally, they have vastly helped me through my catering GCSE, as they helped me answer questions I did not know the answer to and as a result of this, it helped me gain the grade which I achieved. They also helped many others in my class and answered questions that they had, which helped many others achieve their grade. They are always smiling and serving amazing food and I feel that what they do needs recognition as they are more than just canteen staff; they are a part of the school itself.”